Journal: (what feels like) The Summer Tour is Over

I have several reasons why I haven’t spent much time writing for N E C T A R in the past 6 months- mainly, personal…mostly, because it’s been a pretty busy and hectic time for me- on a whole lotta fronts. Plus, I realized a few years ago that if inspiration doesn’t come (to me) naturally, it cannot be forced. I’m better off taking a break until I’m ‘feeling it’ again. Otherwise, I’ll just look back on what I wrote in times of lackluster imagination and just cringe and second guess everything I’m doing. It’s a horrible, self deprecating cycle and quite honestly, I’ve learned too much from past mistakes to repeat those again. It’s called #progress and God knows I’m rooting for even the slightest moments of those, all around. So, ‘quiet’ is how I’d rather stay. As a matter of fact, one of the many wonderful things that has happened to me in the last few months is the realization that I actually quite enjoy the silence- it helps me stay focused on the things that matter most…these days, it’s doing a great job for my existing Clients and being there for my husband + kids. Also, and most underrated I must say, is taking good care of myself. As of late, the idea that nothing in life should be FORCED- not relationships, job opportunities, friendships, especially not social media…has been LIBERATING. That when it’s the right time, nothing will stop the flow of creativity, but when it’s not, nothing you do will ever feel right. I think this ‘time’ has helped me really understand the concept.

Maybe I take these posts too seriously, maybe I’m just a sensitive creature; probably both. To me, though, my job is much much more than simply creating a pretty room- it’s about bringing forward the very best of me (my energy) so that the people I am creating for will benefit from it. When someone allows you into their home, and asks for your opinion on what will make their lives better, they are putting the utmost trust in you and your intentions. My job is not just to interpret the beauty in people’s dreams- but also to understand their journey to this point, and where they see themselves going. Then, in turn, curate, with objects and material things, a real life, tactile representation of those aspirations. That’s some truly heavy shit when you come to think about it. My responsibility, therefore, is enormous- I have a say in what they choose to fill their lives with- and that requires ALL OF ME in order to do the best job I can.

I decided, then, to take this Summer (I’m calling it a TOUR, cause that’s a badass name for what’s been nothing short of a badass grand journey- a TOUR) and all of its’ inspiring trips and moments of self reflection, to really spend time soul searching, decluttering the brimming brain, and filling the energy tank- at whatever pace that was going to be. This way, I can give the best of me to everyone who’s counting on it…with 1000% authenticity. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of sharing with you the things that are getting me excited about creating a HOME these days- as a sneak peek (‘cause we all love those)- it has a lot more to do with FEELING, less so with FASHION. Any even if it might not be MONTHLY, anymore, I promise not to go too far away, for too long. Now doesn’t that sound like #progress? Thanks to those that stick around and check in every now and again. All is good, my friends- better than expected…in HIVE terms (and melissa-speak), sweeter than it’s ever been. I’ll see you soon. xx

MAHALO,  lovelies. Greetings from The Big Island, HAWAII . July, 2019

MAHALO, lovelies. Greetings from The Big Island, HAWAII . July, 2019