HIVE FIVE for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Palm Beach

I had the good fortune of attending this years Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Palm Beach. A charity event created to raise funds for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and Boys & Girls Club of Palm Beach County. Raising millions of dollars in donations and hosting tens of thousands of visitors every year, its predecessor in Manhattan New York and now in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach- the Kips Bay Show House provides critical funds in education, health, and brings social enrichment programs and growth opportunities for disadvantaged children between the ages of 6-18. After 4 decades of philanthropy and the generous support of its Designers and Vendors, the Show House has become one of the main attractions and must sees in the Interior Design Industry.

I didn’t know what to expect upon arriving and was pleased to find cars lined up the side of the road and men and women of all ages making their way through the beautiful neighborhood. I was finally there and being someone who thoroughly loves what she does- knew I was going to soak it all in.

If you’re interested in attending, the show runs until February 20th. You can purchase tickets online or at the door. Give yourself plenty of time- you’ll want to take a stroll around some of your favorite areas more than once…and having to rush through is truly doing yourself a disservice. You’ll realize the amount of love, time, effort and resources it took to put something of this magnitude together- and you’ll want to appreciate every little nook and cranny.

This Friday, the day after Valentine’s Day- I am bringing you my 5 favorite moments at Kips Bay. There’s way more than that- but I could be here all day…

No. 1 | Peter Dunham’s Card Room

Details to remember:

Wall to Wall Fabric Upholstery- no that’s not wallpaper, it’s fabric and lots of it! Plus coordinating drapery- more is more.

Sectional Sofa upholstered in Peter Dunham’s latest Performance Fabric- suitable for outdoors and gorgeous enough for inside. Performance fabric has come a long long way!

Incredible Art and the blink too soon and you’ll miss it details that connect things together- note: work by Marilyn Minter and the subtle red trim on the wall sconces to echo the subjects red lips…BRAVO, Decorator extraordinaire, and all things we should be aspiring to in decorating- the aha moments!!

Black marble nesting tables- just last HIVE FIVE, I mentioned I was totally digging all the black marble I was seeing come through- proof that you can blend traditional interiors with edgier pieces, like the black marble and modern art- elevating the look and keeping it fresh and relevant.

Because Peter Dunham is a Design god and I feel so lucky to have had a chance to meet him and tell the story.

No. 2 | Niki Papadopoulos + Mark Williams’ Powder Bath

Details to Remember:

How can I say this- ALL OF IT! I don’t normally mirror selfie, but I wanted to try and remember every corner of this space. Talk about taking chances and saying F-IT, we’re going for it!

Gorgeous layering of metals, marble, glass/antique mirrored tiles + accessories and natural materials! Literally, f- it.

That navy blue ceiling, so unexpected. Some people are terrified of mixing black and blue (they won’t even do it with their clothes, I get it), but in interiors its a dramatic and bold color combination. In here, they mixed blue with black with brown and silver. Mention that to anyone and surely you’d get some sort of reaction. Well for me, in a tiny room no bigger than 8’ X 6’- all’s you got was WOW, WOW, WOW at every turn. As I passed the first nook, I realized why that navy just slayed it for me…

because, ARTWORK- I mean, could this be any more stunning? NOPE, don’t even try to argue it.

This duo is a dream team- can you imagine what they would do in a whole house? Check them out Niki Papadopoulus here and Mark Williams here.

No. 3 | Billy Ceglia’s Hallways + + +

I heard a few of the Designers speak at Market just last week and they mentioned these rooms were chosen at random…can you imagine being the designer tasked with making hallways look good and unforgettable? WTF?! Well, that’s exactly what happened with New York designer Billy Ceglia- and there was no better person for the job. As he puts it, he takes the most basic materials and makes it look, well as far from BASIC as humanly possible. Those aren’t his exact words, but that’s the gist. Listen, I had a chance to speak to him twice. Once during the event and another time at the conference- and I fangirl’d and fumbled over my words, bad. I mean, I told someone who basically wallpapered a hallway in grasscloth AND THEN proceeded to lacquer them, then hung over 200+ yards of trimmed fabric down corridors of never ending halls, that he was “practical.” (HE OBVS looked at me like I was from another planet). But being Cuban and from Miami, my words escape me sometimes (just ask my kids)…that’s not what I meant- what I meant was that I really couldn’t put my finger on what is was about the way he approached a space- that would make anyone realize if they were paying attention just how CLEVER, INNOVATIVE and truly OUTSIDE the BOX it was. To the point that you would look at it and say, duh, of course he did that- knowing full well you would never have thought of it. He’s definitely one to watch! And if he ever reads this, which what are the odds, my apologies- cause there’s no way in hell “practical” would be a word to describe your style- you, my dear, are as fabulous as they come.

Details to Remember:

The way he created built in ledges, from 2” X 4”’s and molding trim that ran all the way up the staircase…MAKING FAMILY GALLERY WALLS GREAT AGAIN! Thank you, Billy, I had lost all hope, TBH.

No mudroom, no problem- create a mud-closet, which is even cooler, but don’t be boring about it, K?! I especially liked the way he used hanging rods as opposed to hooks, which usually serve very little purpose, and kept all “ugly” storage behind drawers. I guess that’s where the “practical” came from- this will haunt me people. Plus, two wallpapers are better than one in this space.

HE FIT A FULL LIBRARY/DEN at the top of a staircase landing and somehow made it look huge and like it had been there all along- smoke and literal mirrors! If someone ever asks me what they can do at the top of the stairs, I will surely remember this and not be such a wimp about it.

His PERFECT choice in artwork- pieces from local Lifestyle, Interior + Portrait photographer, Nick Mele and IG celebrity family, the MELE’s. I thought they were actors hired to take really rad stock photos for the event- (like holy shit, these are the coolest photos I’ve ever seen, how much must these have cost and why the heck do I find nothing but cheese, everywhere? This was my internal dialogue, I’m not kidding.) NOPE, this is their real life, people! It’s Palm Beach. Anything goes. In fact, the VERY talented photographer has been dubbed a modern day Slim Aarons…so apologies all around here, geez. That tiny detail of incorporating this particular family’s photos put a face to the entire experience, making it that much more memorable. It allowed you to really imagine this family living in its rooms and their adorable boys and dog running up and down its hallways- WILD! Who knew a hallway could blow my mind?

Did I mention Ceglia had a candy drawer, he spent a couple hundred dollars restocking it on the daily. It’s a legit business expense. NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES. Although I’m sure Billy has rocked a few in his lifetime!

No. 4 | Jason Arnold’s Lounge

These pictures do it no justice, the feeling of being enveloped in this gorgeous, moody and cozy upstairs Lounge/Den. I swear it was magical- and Jason Arnold could not have been any kinder and nobler in the way he greeted guests as we walked through the room and marveled at every little detail. THIS is one of those rooms that will forever stay with me. In a setting such as a show house- the decorators usually pull out all the stops; the bells, whistles and kitchen sinks are encouraged…at times it’s more about the FANTASY of the EXPERIENCE, bits and pieces that you’d actually take with you to the real world and try to implement. In Arnold’s case, however, this entire room is SIMPLY GOALS if I’ve ever had any.

Details to remember:

The stunning portrait by artist Bastiaan Woudt at center stage. Taken while on a project in Uganda, this was THE jewel of the room. My phone had so much glare so I didn’t get a good photo of it, here’s a link to a better angle by Sargent Photo.

Phillip Jeffries Wood Veneer, Wallcovering

Hiding the TV behind the gorgeous dark drapery

Art hanging system- metal cable/wire.

His perfect styling and even more perfect aesthetic.

No. 5 | David Scott’s Dining Room

I will admit that while I was there, I had no idea what I was experiencing upon entering the Dining Room by David Scott. The room was packed with people and selfishly, I wished they’d all go away so I could get a good pic- cause though I could not verbalize what it was about the room- I knew I could feel it. In all the subtle details like the piping trim of a chair, to the arrangement of the furniture, slightly off kilter, to that gorgeous chandelier- I knew it was something special. I never imagined, weeks later- I’d still be going back to it, to reminisce on how truly spectacular it was!

Details to Remember:

THAT CHANDELIER, The Coral Cluster Chandelier by Jeff Zimmerman. This is what I imagine the ceiling lights in heaven looking like. No kidding, picture it. And God, are there lights in heaven? Your pad must be ridiculous, please invite me over one day.

The interesting styling, color combo, layout + accessories- you can’t really tell from these pics, but it was funky and fresh and just a wee bit kooky- which I am always here for. You know how I like it!!

The window treatments- gorgeous custom drapery by The Shade Store- coupled with the light off of the chandelier created this hazy, dreamy, glow. Scrumptious indeed, I wish I would have gone back for a second look.

The ‘don’t forget about me’ details- navy trim/tape on brown linen on distressed antique white chairs coupled with what you can’t even see here (the dining table that’ll make you want to die its so beautiful)…this room is perfection, ethereal!


because it was really really tough to pick just FIVE. Plus, it’s Valentine’s and I have so much love for these rooms and these Designers + Vendors, and the massive effort and heart which they poured into making this an unforgettable experience for everyone who attended.

Details to Remember:

This Pastel luxe dream in a CUSTOM. COLORWAY. DeGOURNAY + all the other goodies! Master Bedroom Suite by seriously, the nicest, David Mitchell Brown.

Gorgeous woodwork and contemporary art curation + I loved her choice in lighting throughout- you can’t really tell from these iphone pices. Transitional is not easy to do- she’s a rockstar- Leanne Yarn. Plus, she invited me to sit on that gorgeous sofa and talk shop with her for a bit, a true hostess- cementing my love for this often times, misunderstood + beautiful community. Thank you , Leanne!

Exactly what “decorating” should be and what I imagine every homeowner wishes for when they hire someone to create the calming + soothing space of their dreams- this beautiful Family Room by David Phoenix.

“Is wallpaper back?” , you ask. “With a vengeance,” I say. Nah, actually it never left, but I sure am glad everyone is embracing it with gusto. Top to bottom Lisa Fine prints and all the thoughtful accents you notice once your eyes settle in. Truly amazing work by LeeAnn Thornton.

THE FRESHEST COLOR COMBO this side of the Intracoastal and the coolest Pool Cabana I’ve ever seen. Interior by Tina Anastasia for Mark Finlay.

Yep, they had an aviary. Hanging from a spiraling staircase. Covered in moss and succulents. You can’t even see the giant crystal spider, and more DeGournay…what the heck are you waiting for? You should definitely go. Chinoiserie inspired staircase and hall by Lee W. Robinson and Kyle Johnson.

The worst pics of the most beautiful bathroom and dressing room I’ve ever seen. Imagine closing off access to a giant walk in closet and then opening up an adjoining bathroom wall to create a locker room style dressing room all in the same space. Everything out in the open, but still hidden behind doors and drawers, so you never have to see your mess. And to boot, now you’ve allowed for a proper sitting room in said Master Bedroom (see above). Ok, well if that doesn’t convince you how bad ass this was- tell me, does your closet have a bar in it? ‘Nough said. Spectacular Master Bathroom and Dressing Room design by Krista Watterworth Alterman.

What the future of Kitchens will surely be! I got zero good photos of this innovative and gorgeous space- the materials, the fittings and fixtures, and that chandelier, but I promise you they were all there. Droolworthy Kitchen design by the talented Vyda Fine.

Clever details and design solutions like this “hidden bar” in the Living Room and that stunning custom wallpaper. She even covered the center table in grasscloth. Plus, tell me a Floridian, living along the Coast, who doesn’t love BLUE + WHITE. It was truly a showstopper! You should have seen the before pics. Transformational design by Cindy Rinfret.

I’m sad I didn’t get a good photo of this fabulous Guest Suite by Danielle D. Rollins. Luckily, it’s one of the most Instagrammed ones from the show. Check out the room from which all little girls dreams are made of. A 70’s pink revival!

And you can’t be in Palm Beach and not see head to toe old Florida. I’d say Lilly Pulitzer-esque except this is actually custom designed textiles by the mega talented Meg Braff. It reminded me so much of my mother-in-law with all the preppy, fun, details, you can zoom into the selfie and see my chuckle. It was a perfectly Palm Beachy room and one I will never forget.

If a Designer is NOT in here, it’s not because I did not like their work. I am in awe of all their talents, it’s only because I had no good photos to share of their incredible spaces. There was so much to see, and it was tough to get to it all. Thank you for all the inspiration!

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Share me, Pin me. There’s so much more here.