HIVE FIVE things to T R Y this year.

The best part of the year, aside from the always awesome, fresh start, are all of the “TREND” predictions that flood our news stories. Of course, some cringe at the word trend as if it’s some snooty way of seeming like a know it all. I get it, but whether in Fashion or Design- anxiously awaiting Color of the Year announcements, to dozens of articles related to What’s In and What’s Out, is still part of the fun in ringing in a new year. Seeing we’re half way through January already and I’m a bit past the ‘early calls,’ here then are my TOP FIVE whatever you want to call-its…cause it’s never too late for design ideas, plus, I’ve been keeping my eye on some of these for a hot minute and it’s about time I give them their due.

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PIN ME, Please. It’s my first of the year!

PIN ME, Please. It’s my first of the year!

1- Curved/Rounded EVERYTHING

The shift towards curvier, rounder everything- that’s been popping up since way before summer last year is a welcomed, fresh take that incorporates glam AND retro. Rounding the edges, makes things feel softer, even a bit more interesting- reminiscent of Italian mid-century modern which also makes me think upscale, luxurious and chic, but not at all pretentious. Does that make sense? I also like the idea of messing with shapes- and mixing up extremes, the juxtaposition of a rounded, almost oval-shaped sofa with a square coffee table + a vertically linear light fixture (kudos if it’s tiny); or a rectangular dining table with circular chairs and an oversized linear pendant, such as in the example below. The balance of the extremes is what makes it all work here. It’s playful and smart and really appealing to the eye in a way we haven’t seen.

OVALS and Squares Geometry.001.jpeg

You’ll see it’s not just sofas, accessories, and archways that are taking the turn, rounded Kitchen Islands and Bathroom Vanities are jumping on board, upping the cool factor in spaces, and being 100% committed.

Sources: House of Grey, Sarah Ellison, Nordic Design, The Art of Bespoke, Architectural Digest, My Domaine, The D Pages | Link to Pinterest Board for Sources and Where to Purchase.

2- Dark Stone: Marble, Soapstone, all of this black beauty <3

My favorite, by far, trend of 2019 is the look of DARK marble, soapstone, or slate as used in Kitchens and Bathrooms in the following examples. Black is a go-to neutral for a lot of people, of course, and moody is totally my jam- so seeing all of this black beauty detail in interiors is a breath of fresh air for me. Don’t get me wrong- if you’d let me, I will put Carrara Marble on EVERYTHING, because in my book- you can’t go wrong, but the case for Black is Back with a vengeance, makes me soooo torn. It is striking and sexy and unforgettable. See for yourself, why I’ll be championing this look for years to come.

Come to think of it, I used a leathered finish, black Marble countertop, on a Kitchen Island during a renovation last year. Still not a project that I’ve revealed yet, because we are not quite finished with the details of the room, but I can tell you that black countertop is a showstopper even without all the added frills. The trendy look is dark on dark (countertops on cabinets,) but honestly, I’ll just as happily take the marble in the form of my second favorite application which is through accent tables + coffee tables. I mean, once you check these out below, you’ll realize why I’m basically jonesing to swap everything out of my house right now?!

Sources: Amber Interiors, 1st Dibs, Apartment Therapy, Traditional Home, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, More. You can link right to my Pinterest Board and reach where to purchase.

If you’re in the S. Florida area, and in the market for Black Marble Coffee Tables or Accent Tables, you can visit Pure Project Home, in Coral Gables. Among others, they have gorgeous options on the floor and in stock or you can reach out to me here and we can look into customizing something special just for you.

3- Zellige Terracotta Tiles | Handmade Tile

Here are video stills of me just recording the Cle Tile website and then texting my sister…my dang honest reaction to it! Basically, handmade tiles are on every single one of my TOP things to TRY list for 2015, … 2018, 2019, 2020…forever, Amen.

Source: Me video-ing Cle Tile website, see above link to Purchase.

4- Color Palettes- A Spectrum

When it comes to color this year- my hope is that we shy away from the humdrum and really listen to our minds and our bodies and look at color in a therapeutic sort of way. I believe we’ll see gorgeous use of bold, unexpected colors- rich hues and jewel tones, but also a deeper interpretation to the pastels that have resurfaced over the last four or five years. Everything has a lot more saturation to it, even the whites are creamier and deeper in tone, as opposed to stark and crisp. Color palettes as expressed by Dulux Australia, which i.m.h.o. is THE place to be for Interiors, show this shift beautifully in the way they combined 12 signature colors to create two distinct themes: LEGACY which focuses on our pasts, traditions and upbringings and moves these customs and values into the future, while WHOLESELF teaches us to shut down and reconnect with our quiet, inner selves in a way that has never felt so deliberate, especially within the world of paint + color.


What is the legacy that we leave behind? Every day we tread the tightrope of time, pulled forward by hot, new trends and futuristic technologies. But there’s no ignoring our past, the ultimate symbol of elegance and time-honoured tradition.


Do you feel like your brain is in constant overdrive? It’s time to switch off the smart phone and clear out the mental clutter. Wholeself helps us to create a calm, distraction-free zone where we can dial back the volume and reconnect with ourselves.’

Through the use of paint, we transform our homes into sanctuaries, places of respite- as it should be. There are two more color palettes I didn’t share today, but you can check them out here.

Source: Dulux Australia

5- Full Marble (Stone or Quartzite) Backsplash w Integrated Single Ledge Open Shelf

Last, but certainly not least, is a take on an already favorite go to application, with the use of a full Marble or Quartzite Backsplash. Only this time, bypassing any upper cabinetry to instead take full advantage of a clean and airy space with an integrated single ledge open shelf. Yes, open shelving is not new, but the ways it’s done in the following examples truly makes for a new perspective.

Here’s a quick side story: when I designed my Kitchen a couple years back- I was heart set on using a full marble backsplash, w a wood paneling application + a tiny spice shelf over the cooktop (a la Meg Ryan’s Kitchen below.) I wanted to run this mini shelf from one end of the uppers to the other, but sadly could not, because the placement would not work with what seemed like a tiny disparage in calculations. You see, I came short about 1” when I estimated for the height of the backsplash. In order for me to have been able to do the ledge, it would’ve had to land right at the bottom of the top cabinets. Though it doesn’t seem like a lot on paper, it was enough for me to have to scratch what would’ve been a charming little detail, and regret it, forever.

I’ve already mentioned my adoration for the “marble look,” and given I never had a chance to do it in my own Kitchen Remodel, it is definitely a look I see in my future. I mean, how beautiful? How could I resist?

Sources: Eyeswoon, Marie Flanigan Interiors, Architectural Digest, D Pages | See Pinterest Board for more…

I’ll share some Honorable Mentions in the next HIVE FIVE…I’ve got a couple more favorites from real projects, that I think will be making their way to your Pinterest + IG feeds soon enough. Some of you already know. Stay tuned!