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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Interior Designer or an Interior Decorator?  What is the difference?  

I am a Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.).  I specialize in the decorative finishes, accessories, color schemes, and fabric/textile selections within a space, among other things.  While I did receive a Professional Certification through CID International, as part of a personal and professional goal, in the State of Florida, you cannot legally call yourself an Interior Designer without the proper schooling, certification, licensing and credentials.  In short, Interior Designers are more closely related to Interior Architects and Architectural/Technical skills, focusing on the functionality of a space as it pertains to its’ inhabitants.  They are well versed in building codes and structural considerations and are licensed through a governing organization like ASID, as opposed to, Decorators who work strictly with the aesthetic and decorative components of an Interior.  Decorators capture the personality and style of the residents and express it in their space.  Many people use the terms interchangeably, but incorrectly, since there are some subtle and not so subtle differences between the two.  The type of Professional you will need to hire for your project heavily depends on the Scope of Work and what the job entails.  


How do we get started? 

Typically, there are 3 Steps to the On-boarding, Project Initiation (P1) | Pre-Design Phase

  1. Client Questionnaire + Phone Consultation. All collaborations begin with a Client Questionnaire and an Introductory, complimentary, Phone Consultation in order to determine basic project needs and if the services I offer are a good fit (Step 1).  During this call, you will have the floor to tell me about your project and ask me anything you'd like to know.  We will discuss priorities within the budget, your past experiences in home improvement or working with Designers/Design Professionals, and a timeline for completing the project.  Towards the end of the call, I will have a better idea as to what would be a beneficial next step and I can make my recommendations at that time.  I will present you with a private and secure CLIENT LOGIN LINK + PASSWORD to view all of H I V E & P A T T E R N ' S Services + Pricing Structure, as well as, a detailed look at the Design Process (and e-Design Process) in general.  You will have a chance to review the information and prepare some of the questions prior to our first meeting. The guide should be helpful, informative, and straightforward.

  2. Initial Design Consultation. In the case of local S. FL. residents, we will schedule the Initial Design Consultation, a Non-Refundable, In-Home, 2 hour Consultation (Step 2) to acquaint myself with your space, and gain a better understanding of your vision for the project and your expectations for our working relationship.  This is an open meeting where you can ask any questions you may have. I am eager and willing to get as much done at this first meeting as possible. The time is yours and it is valuable! We will spend the last 30 minutes or so reviewing services and discussing how to best move forward and once the consult is complete, I will provide follow up materials in the form of a Project Summary which includes an overall Scope of Work, based on what we discussed at the IDC + Client Questionnaire/Phone Call notes, a general Inspiration Mood Board or general Furniture Layout or Sketch Plan, if applicable, and a suggested Timeline Guide to help get your project organized.  Each IDC is different, each Client has a pressing and special need that is unique to their project. I try to use this time together, effectively- as if the project were moving forward, regardless of my part in it.  I find the IDC to be one of the most important components to a successful and efficient kick off. Regardless, anyone looking to do a home improvement job could benefit from the IDC. We cover a lot of information in a short amount of time and you get practical and useful deliverables for your investment.  We also get an opportunity to see if we are a good fit.

  3. Engagement. Once the initial two phases are complete, we can decide together, the best choice for your project based on the Services H&P offers. We finalize the details to the subsequent agreement. I collect all materials needed and the Non-Refundable, minimum Retainer for Services; (Step 3) is our Engagement. Now, we are ready to begin.  


How do you charge for your services? 

HIVE & PATTERN offers three basic structures to its’ many Design Services: FULL SERVICE, e-Design + Virtual Design, or Concierge, Consulting. Pricing is consistent throughout all services and is determined based on Scope of Work and level of involvement that is required from your project’s specific needs.


Is any project too small?

I am available for an Initial Design Consultation which can help us determine the size and scope of your project. Full engagements of any of the services offered have a minimum required Retainer. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.